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About Us


What makes DoodleDoo different from other card personalisation sites?

You’ll have heard, of course, of online greetings card sites such as Moonpig and Funky Pigeon. You may also know that some of the major retailers also sell personalised greetings cards online. Whether you are or aren’t a user of these sites you might not be aware of the amount of money spent online on personalised greetings cards in the UK each year is well over £100 million out of a total UK greetings card market of £1.7 billion* - and it’s growing all the time. That’s a lot of money.

Greetings cards by their very nature are transient things. Most are soon recycled or thrown away. We wanted to find a way to give them a longer lasting benefit.

If you celebrate Christmas, then the chances are that you’ve purchased and sent Charity Christmas Cards. Have you ever wondered why Charity Cards only appear at Christmas? Why aren’t we supporting our Charities all year round, especially when over a billion greetings cards are sold every year in the UK? That seemed like a missed opportunity to us and so DoodleDoo was born.... click a question below to reveal the answer.

  1. We make a minimum 10% donation to Charity every time we sell a card

  2. You choose the Charity we donate to for every card you buy – each card can be the same Charity or all different, you decide.

  3. You pay just the card price. There’s no extra charge for the donation or for delivery – the price you see is what you pay with no hidden extras.

  4. We don’t deduct anything other than VAT before calculating the donation.

  5. Our cards are Art & Photography based rather than traditional greetings cards.

  6. Most of our images can be used for any occasion or event.

  7. We work with and support a wide range of Artists, Photographers, Cartoonists and Illustrators who supply us with high quality images that in the majority of cases are unique to DoodleDoo and can’t be found on any other card site.

  8. We want to appeal to discerning customers (like you!) who not only want to find something a little different but who are also motivated to buy by a desire to support their favourite Charities and/or Artists.

So, in short, we launched DoodleDoo to give you an opportunity to create personalised cards using beautiful images that make the sort of cards it's a real pleasure to give and receive, are different from those on the big card sites and, most importantly, have a lasting benefit to the Charities they support.

DoodleDoo hatched in February 2014 and fully fledged in April 2014 so we're all grown up now.  We’re adding new Charities and Artists all the time and are always delighted to hear from either if they’d like to become part of the DoodleDoo family.

Please tell people about us – the more people buy from us, the more money we can donate to our Registered Charities and so convert money spent on greetings cards to long term benefits for others.

DoodleDoo was created by us, Glenn & Jo Wynsor. We have been in business management for over 25 years and have worked with numerous companies large and small, helping them to develop and grow.

We wholly own DoodleDoo and so don’t have to answer to anyone other than you, our customer. We’re committed to giving you, as well as our Registered Charities and Artists, the very best DoodleDoo experience possible. The site will develop and the product range will grow with time – for instance, we’re planning  to soon offer prints of our images so you can hang them on the wall where you can admire them every day!

We are always happy to hear your comments and answer your questions. If you’d like to contact either of us individually, you can email Glenn or Jo

Glenn handles all the Charity, Artist and Customer Liaison as well as being ‘Chief Chicken’ - Jo’s cool with that, she has her hands full as our Chatter Manager, looking after Social Media and Promotions (as well as everything else she has to do in her busy world!).

We hope that you love DoodleDoo as much as we do and will support our initiative to give greetings cards more meaning.

You can find out more on our Customer Information page or for Artists, the Artist Registration page and for Charities, the Charity Registration page.

Thank you for visiting us at DoodleDoo!

*Greetings Card Association Report 2017 – Market Value for 2016