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Artists, Photographers & Creatives' FAQ's

This page should give you all the information you need about licensing to us here at DoodleDoo. If you don't see the answer to a particular question just email or pick up the phone for a chat.

So, what exactly is DoodleDoo? is an online personalised greetings card site with a difference.  A minimum of 10% of every purchase (after VAT) is donated to the purchaser’s chosen charity, it also supports a wide range of artists, photographers, cartoonists and illustrators who supply us with images that in the majority of cases are unique to DoodleDoo and can’t be found on any other card site.

Try it for yourself; go through the card editing process to see how customers can use your images.

Customers can also save your cards to their Favourites so they can easily find you when they come back to the site. 

This makes us very different from the other online greetings cards sites.  Most of the cards they offer are standard images with no Artist credited, and they can be found on every card site and in every card shop.  We want to be more selective and to appeal to a more discerning customer who not only wants to find something a little different but who is also motivated to buy by a desire to support their favourite charities and artists.

And here are lots more Q & As...

We understand that getting exposure for your work is one of the biggest challenges you face.  With an ever increasing number of visual images available, you need to be endlessly innovative and inexhaustibly committed to ensuring that your work is discovered and appreciated by others.  

We want to help you with that and in a way that involves little time commitment from you but results in an increase in profile through your very own DoodleDoo Profile Page and a steady stream of DoodleDoo income.

We welcome additions to the DoodleDoo Artist family. If you would like to become one of our Artists just email us some information and examples of (or links to) your work and we will be in touch. We do not accept everyone but we do love to have a look at rising talent so if you particularly think you have something different to offer we'd love to hear from you.


If you register with us, we will pay you 10% of the purchase price (after VAT) of every card sold where the purchaser chooses one of your images, i.e.

1 x Large Card @ £5.99 = £5.99 – £1.00 (VAT) x 10% = 50p

1 x Small Card @ £3.99 = £3.99 – 0.66 (VAT) x 10% = 33p

Note: based on standard prices – discounts sometimes apply

As we want our Registered Artists to benefit as much as possible, we don’t deduct delivery costs before calculating your royalties.

As well as your Profile Page your name will appear in the list of our Registered Artists & Brands our customers choose from every time they buy a card – all of which helps to raise your profile.

Registering is completely free and takes just a few minutes.  There is no cost to you at all for being a Registered Artist with DoodleDoo.

We need your artwork to be in a high resolution digital format (300dpi) or it won't be of sufficient quality to print. Click here for full artwork specification of what's needed.

If you don't understand the whole dpi thing then have a look here on the Photoshop site as it does outline it fairly well. Or Google it, as there are lots of other sites with good explanations; we know it's a bit complicated until the penny drops - it took us a while!

If you are unsure how to fulfil these requirements, please call or email us at and we'll answer any questions and help if we can.

We produce A4/A5 landscape/portrait and square cards so you may need to crop your image – we can do this for you but would prefer that you make the decision as to how this should be done.  Your portfolio can contain a variety of images shapes; they don't have to all be the same. 

Just email us some information and examples of (or links to) your work at  We will review your work and contact you as soon as possible, typically within 48 hours.  We cannot guarantee to use your work, but wherever possible we will.

Once we’ve accepted you as a DoodleDoo Artist we'll arrange how to send images over to us for setting up - typically through a Dropbox or web upload.  You'll also need to give us a high-resolution logo to set up for the back of your cards.

Once we have created your gallery and done all the behind the scenes work we'll confirm that you are all set up and ready to go.

You’ll be able to log in and control and update your Profile Page through which you can share news and information about yourself and your work.  Your Profile Page will also show your full portfolio of DoodleDoo images.  It’s a great way for you to introduce your work to DoodleDoo customers who may not be familiar with it and perhaps may never have known about it if not for your presence on DoodleDoo.

We want to work with Artists and Creatives from all sectors, whether you work in oils, watercolours, on a computer, on canvas, paper or any other medium, or if you are a photographer, we’d love to work with you and at the same time raise funds for our Registered Charities.

We welcome Artists from all sectors and styles and appreciate that everyone has to start somewhere.  As long as your work is of a high quality and would work well on a greetings card, we would like to hear from you.  All Artists’ Brands appear in a drop-down list for the customer to choose from, giving less well-known Artists exactly the same exposure as the more high profile names.  An interesting and regularly updated Profile Page together with plenty of interaction with us and your friends and supporters on social media should enable you to maximise every opportunity for receiving royalties.

You’ll be able to log in to update your Profile Page and to access live information about the cards sold, the price and the calculated royalties as well as the total to date.

Royalties are paid to you on receipt of an invoice from you – this can be on a monthly or quarterly basis - with a minimum payment of £10.00.  If the accrued amount is less than £10.00 then the payment rolls forward into the next period.

It makes sense for everyone to work together in encouraging customers to visit the site and buy cards.  We drive traffic utilising Social Media, SEO, PPC and PR but experience shows that those Artists who actively promote their work and encourage their own friends and supporters to visit DoodleDoo are generally the ones who generate the highest levels of royalties.

You can do this in a number of quick and easy ways.  We’ll supply you with resources such as web buttons and simple box ads for use on your website and emails, together with logos and other images that you can use in any creative way you choose ideas to help you spread the word with your friends and contacts that they can buy personalised cards with your images on and at the same time support their chosen Charity.

If you have a Facebook page, please 'Like' the Doodle Doo page so that you can see what we're doing and how we're promoting you.  It helps us all if you engage with the page, Like posts, Comment and Share content (especially when it's about you!).  We'll be following you if you have a Facebook page - if you don't have one then we recommend that you do set one up as that way, we can easily find out what you're up to and share your news with our customers. 

You must be the originator of the images you supply us and we will ask you to sign a non-exclusive contract for a period of three years.

There are some basic Terms & Conditions that you need to agree with when registering.  There is a shortform version to give you the basics click here and for the full agreement click here. They are both in PDF format.

You will need to accept these Terms & Conditions of registration when you submit the Registration Form to us.  If you require modifications of the terms and conditions due to other contractual obligations or would like to discuss anything regarding the licensing please do not hesitate to contact us on 01604 871030 or email

We reserve the right to remove your registration if for any reason your activities impact negatively on DoodleDoo. 

You can send sample lo-res images initially but we will need fully ready hi-res jpgs to our specification if we agree to offer you a gallery, see Full Artwork Specification. You should send these over via one of the large file apps like Hightail - - or We Transfer - - where you can send files using the basic free account easily.


Interested in registering?  Email us now at

Useful links

Resources Page • Licensing Agreement Summary • Full Licensing Agreement • Full Artwork Specification

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