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Andrew Chambers

Artist Website:


Byfleet,  Surrey

Andrew of Two Scoops has always loved drawing but never found the time to pursue this aspect of his creativity until he was given an iPad where he discovered he could create vibrant pictures using his finger as a paintbrush, his figures represent carefree living in the outdoor world where you leave all your worries behind...

Andrew Chambers iPad Artist

Andrew trained as a jeweller at The John Cass School of Art in London when he was 16, at this time he was an apprentice for Garrards, the crown jeweller where he worked on many interesting pieces including the Crown Jewels. He has always enjoyed drawing but never found the time to pursue this aspect of his creativity due to heavy work demands and a busy family life.

When given a gift of an iPad he discovered the drawing apps available enabling him to use the iPad as a screen to experiment with, he found the many tutorials available inspired him create pictures with different finishes until he found a style that he enjoyed. His larger pictures have sold globally on an art website which led to requests for greeting cards, this is how Two Scoops evolved.

Using his fingers as a paintbrush he started creating landscapes from his local area which led to adding a figure to create a focal point to the picture. His figures represent carefree living in the spirit of freedom not worrying about how you look, just enjoying the outdoor life. Each card features a red balloon creating an overall theme to the series. He uses bright, vibrant colours to enhance feelings of pleasure and joy to his scenes.

Andrew is striving to make his range as eco friendly as possible using the guidelines from the GCA Model Environmental Policy as he is passionate about caring for the planet.

Two Scoops was the name of the first card, a popular design which led to naming the brand.