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James Philip

Artist Website:


Hornsea,  East Yorkshire

I am an Artist and Illustrator living in small seaside town on the East coast. Drawing has always been apart of me. A form of both escapism and expression.

My first sparks of creativity began at early age I am very grateful that initial spark of inspiration and creativity is still burning bright today.

As an Artist I take inspiration from all things natural where there is a rich display of colour and light to capture. Painting and drawing in pastel offers a whole range of exciting possibilities to explore. I find it perfect to suggest luminosity and texture to my work. I hope my artwork is a celebration of nature with delicate detail and vibrant colour.

There is a real magic for me communicating an idea through pictures. My illustrations are very different in style and technique. I like to think they tell a story. Whimsical in style with a gentle sense of humour.

I have been fortunate to work on several projects for Uganda and Nigeria including books and Flashcards.