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Kathy Santiago

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Hanslope,  Bucks

Everlasting Cakes Born of an obsessive compulsive cake fetish disorder, Everlasting Cakes rose from the ovens to create a range of cake paintings and cake painting products in celebration of the cake.

EVERLASTING CAKES – the story; I began cooking when I was 9, and painting at 10. As a child I just loved the alchemy of cake baking, and as I grew older loved sharing and experimenting with recipes. Painting has always been my way of soul rejuvenation. The idea for Everlasting Cakes came to me early one morning a few weeks after my Mom died.

I’m fairly pragmatic and level headed, and don’t usually hook into ‘stuff from the universe’ – but it hit me like an epiphany. The creation of this book seemed the logical consolidation of my craft. The book was to include recipes in my collection gained from different experiences, continents and friends plus I would paint the cakes rather than photograph.

The choice of recipes proved no easy task, however I managed to discipline myself by imposing a weekly selection loosely tied in with calendar events. At the beginning of 2006 I was made redundant and felt very strongly that I must produce Everlasting Cakes. The final confirmation of being on the right track was meeting with Macmillan Cancer Support and offering the book as a fundraiser.

My mother had died from a ravaging cancer that gnawed close to every part of her body. She bravely fought the disease living her life to the full; during a short remission she made a trip to visit my brother in Dubai and our family whilst we were in Portugal. This publication is dedicated to my Mother - I'm pleased and proud that a percentage of Everlasting Cakes went to Macmillan in support of those living with cancer.