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Ladianne Henderson

Artist Website:



Charlotte, North Carolina,  Mecklenburg

I am an artist with a university degree in communications, a Master of Fine Arts degree in Interdisciplinary Arts, and a deep passion for storytelling. The world is full of incredible tales waiting to be illustrated...and I LOVE bringing those tales out into the light through my artwork!

I’ve taken a really interesting and circuitous path to illustration work – and I LOVE it! I attended a school of the arts in high school, and started my undergraduate education as an opera performance major, but quickly became more interested conveying ideas through written and visual mediums. I took drawing and creative writing courses during college, and graduated Magna Cum Laude, with a Bachelor of Science degree in Communications, for which I received additional honors for completion of my senior thesis.

After graduating from college I worked in marketing for a short time until 2000, when I began my career as a freelance writer, photographer, and artist. In 2010, I entered Goddard College as a graduate student in the school’s Interdisciplinary Arts program. During the course of that journey my visual and word-based work coalesced into what is now a creative practice through which I tell stories through the medium of picture books. I am fascinated by the power of illustrations, both simple and complex, to capture imaginations, convey ideas, and connect individuals and populations.

Since beginning graduate school, the content of my work has centered on ideas of place, identity, communication, culture, and community, with a particular emphasis on the search for inclusion, understanding, and connection, and I see illustrations as particularly powerful ways of reaching into, and unpacking, those concepts. As I move forward in my work, I seek to deepen my understanding of, and approach to, storytelling through richly layered amalgams of words and images.

I'm very proud that my city has chosen my artwork to promote the city's culture for a year on billboards; here's what it looks like: