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Michael Reeves

Artist Website:



Swansea,  West Glamorgan

My work is a fun, unique approach to design where the is detail to be explored in my designs. They are considered to bring humor or contrasting emotions.

They are a pattern based formula that is brought together in order to give an alternative look into some normal things like pets, buildings etc. I like to produce characters as I see them as something that can bring out so many emotions with the slightly change in detail.

I like to bring out an image through the strongest method of colour to make any image to fun or exciting. I am an digital artist which is focused on the clear cut output for the best professional presentation possible. I am always looking to expand and explore new techniques to keep my work current and more importantly relevant. 

I am an freelance illustrator who enjoys every aspect of what I do and take great pride in everything I do. I have previous experience of learning in courses like Interactive Media and Illustrator, which I am graduating from.

I have been an artist that likes to explore detailed patterns to give a more expansion into any design I produce. I like to give the impression that they can be more to explore and leave you more curious when looking at my image and not to just settle for what is being shown in front of your eyes.

I am an illustrator currently exploring a doodle-pattern style of working. I see my work as having a surrealist element with drawn shapes and characters, embedded with line and imagery to produce my own fun look on characters, prints, patterns etc. I like to work in a black and white line-drawing technique and develop them further in colour using my knowledge of Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop.

I want to push the boundaries of how characters can look in a humorous way and with added intrigue, where people would not just look at a design but to follow it around the page from top to bottom or side to side, and become engrossed in the intricate detail taking them into another world. This style of illustration can be applied in many commercial outlets. 

In design, I enjoy the work of doodle art, graffiti, patterns and the surreal elements of mixing and distorting. Certain designers like Alan Aldridge, Ron English, Jim Phillips, Jeremyville, Jeff Lyons and Salvador Dali.