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Mop - The Cartoonhouse

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Aboyne,  Aberdeenshire

Welcome to the world of 'NUGGET'! A whimsical take on life by cartoonist Mop.

A self-taught cartoonist & illustrator, life has come full circle. After a successful career as a rock musician, I now enjoy my earliest passion for scribbling humorous cartoons... I hope you enjoy them too!

Life began the day I left school, when I ignored a decent education & delighted everyone by spending the next 2 decades touring the world in various rock bands... or so I'm told! 2 gold albums later, having systematically wrecked my health, I bailed out & married my wonderful wife, Penny. I qualified in Criminal Law & began working as a freelance Criminal Paralegal for various law firms throughout Scotland. Gradually, it began to dawn on me that I hadn't thought this move through properly, as I was locked in cells with alleged murderers, shook hands with convicted paedophiles & generally spent my time with people I'd normally avoid... Solicitors! Another tactical withdrawal was required.

So, in early 2015, having always been credited with having an 'inventive' sense of humour, I began to draw humorous cartoons. Much to my surprise, success came quickly with publication in Private Eye, Readers Digest & Puzzler magazine. So here I am today, a full-time cartoonist - ironically, during my one & only 'careers guidance interview' at school all those years ago I said I wanted to be a cartoonist, the response was, "Don't be silly!".....  I thought that was the whole point!