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Raela K

Artist Website:


Southport,  Merseyside

If you like quirky, colourful animal art please check out my gallery. I think good art evokes an emotion so I hope mine makes you smile.

This is the bit where I am supposed to list all the boring stuff, but suffice to say I’ve done more than my fair share of schlepping my art to various exhibitions, art galleries and craft fairs etc.

I’ve produced pastiche murals for the Metro in Liverpool, and a portfolio of iconic areas in Liverpool for the Liverpool council, which has been displayed in all their major tourist attractions, in the guise of prints, key rings, postcards and other merchandise.

Apart from producing commissioned work for card companies, I have also produced a portfolio of New York buildings for a private collector.

I have done lots of pet portrait commissions in both traditional and folk art styles.

So that’s my profile in a nutshell. I like using all kinds of media from pastels to paints. I work on lots of different supports, from canvas to silk. There is nothing “lofty” and “high art” about my work. I’m aiming for decorative and aesthetic. I think good art should evoke an emotion, so I hope mine makes you smile.