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Sarah Aumeer


Woking,  Surrey

Illustrated and photographic greeting cards individually designed by The Insomniac Artist.

Like a lot of people I dreamed of a career in art. I like art but I find it hard to call myself an artist. My favourite medium has always been simple pencil sketching. To be honest most of the artwork in my portfolio comes from doodling in the early hours of the morning when I haven’t been able to sleep.

I try to be creative in everything I do. Give me a biro I will draw you an image. Give me chalk and I’ll sketch on the pavements. Give me a piece of wood and I’ll carve it.

I have an interest in photography, whether it be digital, sun capturing or pinhole. I am fascinated with trying to freeze frame a moment in time. Specifically, the smaller more abstract moments that often go unnoticed.

I have for many years taken on commission work. I might not be the the most talented artist around but I try to listen carefully to what people want and from that create something personal and unique.

Range of work on DoodleDoo:

Butterflies: Five macro photographs, up close and personal with hot house butterflies.

Butterflies in the Shadows: Five atmospheric photos, revealing hidden moments of hot house butterflies.

British Birds: Five birds of prey photographs, up close and in action.

COMING SOON! - Winter Whimsies: Five humorous greeting cards, each with an illustrated punch line.
COMING SOON! - Who’s Next on the Couch: Five illustrated greeting cards, an unusual day for the doc with five very interesting patients. Perfect for health charities and get well cards.