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Sarah Winters


Maidstone,  Kent

Ping & Pong

The story of Ping & Pong; the names of two panda bear companions, began from a couple of random sketches bearing the petite-ness of Ping and the thickset profile of Pong - and it was love at first sight. These two little pandas padded their way into my life and made themselves quite at home.

I love these fascinating, monochromatic leaf-eaters and I wanted to create something with them that would immediately bring a smile to your face - and what better way to do that than a card?

The love Ping & Pong have for each other make them the perfect advocates for spreading the love you have for your own loved ones. Whether they are depicted exploring the world, embracing each other, reading a book or surrounded by cakes, their expressions of love for one another is sure to warm your heart.

These adorable pandas are affectionately illustrated in soft-tone watercolours and their designs range from Everyday Captions to Seasonal and Special Occasions.