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Harper Asprey Wildlife Rescue

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Windlesham,  Surrey

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Harper Asprey Wildlife Rescue works 365 days a year to rescue, rehabiliate and release all of our British wildlife. They rely solely on the help and support of their dedicated volunteer team and donations from the public. 

Harper Asprey take in all species of wildlife from tiny birds & hedgehogs to larger foxes, badgers & deer. These animals come in from a variety of situations from tiny newborn orphans needing round the clock care to more serious road traffic accidents. They take in wildlife from the public, police, ambulance services, vets, fire service and the RSPCA. 

Each year the amount of wildlife that needs their help grows; they are fundraising for new specialist enclosures so they are able to keep up with the demand and help more animals at any one time.

Education is also a key part of their work - they regularly go into schools & organistions to talk about wildlife and how people can help them in their own areas. 

They are open from 8am - 4pm every day: you will need to call them to admit an animal. If they can help, they will - event if you just want advice then please do give them a call. They are always looking for volunteers within a wide variety of roles, so take a look at their website and get involved!



Anne Brummer, Founder & Trustee