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Medical Detection Dogs

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Milton Keynes,  Bucks

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Medical Detection Dogs started in 2008 and trains dogs to detect disease using their amazing sense of smell. 

Bio Detection Dogs detect diseases like cancer, Parkinson’s and malaria from human samples and are at the forefront of developing faster, less invasive and cheaper methods of diagnosis.  They have also been trained to detect cancer in other dogs.

Medical Alert Assistance Dogs looks after individuals with a complex health condition such as Type 1 diabetes, PoTS or a severe allergy. These conditions cause people to become seriously unwell suddenly, but the dogs recognise a change in their smell which signals it’s about to happen and warn them so they can take the necessary action and get somewhere safe. They help them avoid injury and hospitalisation as well as giving them back their confidence and independence.

Please visit our website to learn more about Medical Detection Dogs

If you use a picture from our Gallery and then choose us as the Charity we earn an image royalty as well as a donation so that really helps support us. Click here to go directly to our Gallery.

The charity receives no government funding and relies entirely on charitable donations.

Registered charity in England and Wales No. 1124533 and in Scotland No. SC044434


HRH The Duchess of Cornwall