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Looking for a quick and easy solution to:

 - Christmas card conundrums
 - Engaging event invitations
 - Thank You cards for your key customers

Can we help?  Yes, we can! And the design of your card is FREE

Besides offering bulk discounts on our 'standard' cards we offer a bespoke corporate card service for businesses. Simply choose a card design and your favourite Charity for us to donate to from the DoodleDoo site and we will create a unique card just for you FREE OF CHARGE. If you like, we can of course use your own images.

Using DoodleDoo cards is great CSR for your business too as it's all tied to Charity giving.

We can include:

• your corporate logo

• your personalised message(s) throughout the card

• a scanned image of your signature(s)

• mailing out direct to your recipient(s)

Charges for bespoke orders depend on the quantity and mailing options so call us for details or email us with your requirements and we'll give you a fixed quotation by return.

Other great ways to use DoodleDoo bespoke cards

We can set up bespoke cards for all sorts of uses that can underpin your relationship with your customers... here are a few ideas, but use your own imagination for your particular business, and you can use the DoodleDoo Address Book to set up reminders really easily too.

 - Birthday cards for key customers

 - "Thanks For Your Order" cards

 - if you are a travel business send a "Have A Great Trip" card to your customers a few days before they go

 - if you are a car lease company send an "Enjoy Your Car" card to new customers

Prices stated on our website include VAT as it's a consumer website, making DoodleDoo cards even better value when you can reclain VAT.

Interested?  Email Glenn at or call him now on 01604 871030