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By working with our partners at DoodleDoo we have thousands of fabulous cards for you to personalise for friends and loved ones and 15% of every purchase goes direct to help support our wounded military.

So come back and see us soon!


Why should we register?

We understand that fund-raising is one of the biggest challenges you face.  With an ever increasing number of demands on income and with more and more Charities competing for donations, you need to be endlessly innovative and inexhaustibly committed to ensuring that your Charity continues to raise the funds it needs.

We want to help you with that task and we want to help you in a way that involves little time commitment from you but results in an increase in profile through your very own Profile Page and a steady stream of DoodleDoo income.

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How will you help us raise money?

You’ll have heard, of course, of online greetings card sites such as Moonpig and Funky Pigeon.  You may also know that the major retailers such as Marks and Spencer and Next also sell personalised greetings cards online. Whether you are or aren’t a user of these sites you might not be aware of the amount of money spent online on personalised greetings cards in the UK each year – an estimated £100 million out of a total UK greetings card market of £1.37 billion* - and it’s growing all the time.  

*Greetings Card Association Report 2013 – Market Value for 2012

If you register with us, we will donate 10% of the purchase price (after VAT) of every card sold where the purchaser chooses to support your Charity, i.e.

1 x Large Card @ £5.99 = £5.99 – £1.00 (VAT) x 10% = 50p

1 x Small Card @ £3.99 = £3.99 – 0.66 (VAT) x 10% = 33p

Note: Based on standard prices – discounts sometimes apply.

As we want our registered Charities to benefit as much as possible, we don’t deduct delivery costs before calculating your donations.

It might not seem a lot when you think of it in terms of just one card but with over a billion cards sold each year in the UK, you can see how it can add up; and that’s not including the powerful potential of Match Funders (see below).  Also, as well as your Profile Page your Charity will appear in the list of the registered Charities our customers choose from every time they buy a card which all helps to raise your profile.

So, what exactly is DoodleDoo? is an online personalised greetings card site with a difference.  Not only is 10% of every purchase (after VAT) donated to the purchaser’s chosen Charity, it also supports a wide range of artists, photographers, cartoonists and illustrators who supply us with images that in the majority of cases are unique to DoodleDoo and can’t be found on any other card site.

This makes us very different from the other online greetings cards sites.  Most of the cards they offer are standard images that can be found on every card site and in every card shop.  We want to be more selective and to appeal to a more discerning customer who not only wants to find something a little different but who is also motivated to buy by a desire to support their favourite Charities and artists.

How much does it cost for us to register?

Registering is completely free and takes just a few minutes.  There is no cost to you at all for being a Registered Charity with DoodleDoo.

If we do decide to register, what happens then?

Registering takes just a few minutes.  You’ll then be able to set up a Profile Page for your Charity which you can manage yourself and share news and information about fundraising events and initiatives as well as successes and breakthroughs.  It’s a great way for you to introduce your Charity to DoodleDoo customers who may not be familiar with it and perhaps may never have known about it if not for your presence on DoodleDoo.

When our customer has chosen the image for their card and has completed the personalisation they are then asked to choose the Charity they wish to support.  They can find out more about you by visiting your Profile Page so it’s worth making sure that this page is engaging and informative, even if you are a well-known organisation.

Once your Charity has been selected, your logo will be printed on the back of the card with your web address and a message telling the recipient that the sender of the card chose your Charity to receive our donation.  For this reason we will need a hi-resolution image of your logo or a finished logo/web address file. Click here for full details.

How can I find out how our donations are building up and when do we receive the money?

You’ll be able to log in to update your Profile Page and to access live information about the cards sold, the price a nd the calculated donation as well as the total to date.

Donations are paid to you on a monthly basis with a minimum payment of £10.00.  If the accrued amount is less than £10.00 then the payment rolls forward into the next month.

How do we maximise the amount we receive in donations?

It makes sense for everyone to work together in encouraging customers to visit the site and buy cards.  We drive traffic utilising Social Media, SEO, PPC and PR but experience shows that those Charities who actively encourage their own supporters to visit DoodleDoo are generally the ones who generate the highest levels of donations.

You can do this in a number of quick and easy ways.  We’ll supply you with resources such as web buttons, card montages and simple box ads for use on your website and emails, together with logos and other images that you can use in any creative way you choose.

We also have DL (1/3 A4) leaflets and personalised A3 posters for you to use where you can - in shops, offices, receptions, events and anywhere else you feel appropriate. See the resources page for more details.

If you have a Facebook page, please 'Like' the Doodle Doo page so that you can see what we're doing and how we're promoting you.  It helps us all if you engage with the page, Like posts, Comment and Share content (especially when it's about you!).  We'll be following you if you have a Facebook page - if you don't have one then we recommend that you do set one up as that way, we can easily find out what you're up to and share your news with our customers. Don't forget that we embed your Facebook page in your DoodleDoo Profile Page too so it will all help if you regularly update it too.

In addition, you can encourage your corporate supporters to sign up to our Match Funders Scheme, where they agree to match the donations from DoodleDoo. Click here to go to Match Funders Information page.

Match Funders – what’s that?

The Match Funders scheme is very simple. A Match Funder agrees to make donations to the same value of DoodleDoo donations.  So, if a Charity gets £50 in donations one month the Match Funder donates the same. 

Match Funders can be corporate supporters or individuals and they can set a monthly minimum and/or maximum donation if they wish to do so.

The more Match Funders you have, the more your income rises accordingly. Ten Match Funders means just one large card sale would generate £5.50 so selling even just a few cards per month can really make a difference.

Click here to download the the Match Funders Booklet (PDF).  Do forward it on to any of your contacts who may be interested in supporting this initiative.

We’re only a small Charity.  Would registering with DoodleDoo work for us?

We welcome Charities from all sectors and of any size.  As we grow, our customers will have the ability to search and choose by sector and/or location so smaller Charities will be able to be found just as easily as larger ones.  Currently all Charities appear in a drop-down list for the customer to choose from, giving smaller Charities exactly the same exposure as the well known names.  An interesting and regularly updated Profile Page together with plenty of interaction with us and your supporters on social media as well as mentioning DoodleDoo in supporter emails and Newsletters should enable you to maximise every opportunity for receiving donations.

We have a number of high profile and celebrity patrons.  Can they get involved?

They certainly can!  Not only can they help promote your presence on DoodleDoo but if they have an artistic streak or are a talented photographer, perhaps you can persuade them to supply you with some pictures to be used as cards images on the site and to assign their royalties to you?

We have a large image library and many of those images could make attractive greetings cards.  Can we use them to increase our profile and maximise donations?

Yes, you can.  You’ll then earn royalties on your images in addition to any donations.  Even if you’re not the chosen Charity, you’ll still earn 10% if one of your images is used.  Visit our Artists page for more information.

We’re a Community Amateur Sports Club.  Can we register?

Community Amateur Sports Clubs (CASCs) registered with HMRC may be listed on DoodleDoo in exactly the same way as Charities.  All "Charity" information given on this site also applies to CASCs.

What are your Terms & Conditions for registering as a Charity with DoodleDoo?

There are some basic Terms & Conditions that you need to agree with when registering, click here to view in PDF fomat. We reserve the right to remove your registration if for any reason you have your Charitable status withdrawn or your activities impact negatively on DoodleDoo. If you would prefer a more formal/legal Commercial Particpators Agreement that's fine, please call us and we will arrange one with you.

We understand that all Charities rightly have strict policies in respect of who can use their name and logos etc.  Most are happy to work with us but others require payment of guarantees and/or licensing advances.  We believe that we should treat all of our Registered Charities equally and therefore do not make up-front payments or offer guarantees in order to secure a Charity's registration.

If you run a Charity and want increased profile and free money, just DoodleDoo it - fill in the form below and we'll set you up and send you money. No set-up fees, no charges - just free money.