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How To Create Your Personalised Cards

Editing the Text

There are various areas on our cards where you can personalise the text. It's really easy to do but you have to be careful not to try to put in too many words as the amount of text is fixed for each area. So, keep it simple and make sure you don't have any spelling mistakes as what you see is exactly what will be printed. We can't correct it for you so take care - we don't want you to pay for a card you can't use.

Editing Hints & Tips

On the front of cards - see the image above - you can choose to 'inset' the image so you can add a border all around or add text above it, below it, or both so click the options to see what would work best for you.

The amount of letters on the front page top or bottom is limited 32 characters (including spaces) so make sure your message fits OK.

All the text will centre on the page automatically so don't worry if you see it move when you go to the next line.

Use the return key (hit twice in some browsers) to put in a blank line above or below your text.

If you want to have your text start on the left - Dear John for example - just put in some spaces after your text and it will move over.

Do the same sort of thing if you want to put text to the right - add spaces before the text.

If you can't see some of your text or it overflows then you will need to reduce the amout it to fit.

Leave enough space for signatures and think about how many are signing the card.

Please check the box if your card is going direct to the recipient

If you are sending a card direct to the recipient you can add their alternative delivery address when processing your order and don't forget to click the 'direct to recipient' box.

This is important as we normally send cards with another envelope for posting on and a direct recipient doesn't need one.

Check your cards very carefully for mistakes as we can't correct them for you and you will still of course have been charged.


• Did you spell everything correctly - especially names?
• Do you want to change the size of your card?
• Have you replaced or removed Emojis or odd characters?
• If you're not sure, double check by clicking the edit button

Have fun and thank you for choosing us!